Thursday, March 3, 2011

First Contact

I was just at my first Startup Chile event and all of the attendees were asked to give a 30 second introduction of who they are and why they came. I said that I studied abroad in Chile and am passionate about entrepreneurship; when I saw that Startup Chile was creating a community that combined these two things I bought a plane ticket, and here I am. It is the community aspect that most attracted me. I have found that interesting things happen when you are around interesting people, a view that was echoed in a conversation I had with one of the panelists.

As with any networking event, people asked me what it is that I do. Do I have a project or startup that I am working on? I usually say no, that my short-term goal is to find a project, but on my walk home I realized that I am neck deep in one. My current project is to follow my passion and generate domain expertise in the world of startups by meeting and talking to as many people as I can. I will figure out how to monetize it later :-). I met some interesting people tonight, so thank you to Jean Boudeguer and everyone else connected to Startup Chile for creating the perfect ecosystem within which I can carry out this adventure. The next six weeks are clearly going to be awesome.


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